Book Review: Fable (Fable #1)

Fable (Fable #1) by Adrienne Young

💰💰💰💰 (four stars, as rated in bags of loot because PIRATES! ARRRR!)

Oh this book is a slow burn! I really wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into here, but did I ever enjoy the hell out of it! There is so much build up to the first 60% of this story that I was honestly worried I was going to be let down by the end. But, ALAS, I was not! Not in the slightest! I can genuinely say that I feel fully satisfied with the way the plot knotted itself together in the end while still leaving enough possibility hanging about for the next book. Consider me fully invested in this character, this series, and, frankly, this author. She has crafted a magnificent cast of characters, all equally flawed and yet dripping with charm, while still maintaining their believability. Her writing flowed serenely and from page to page. And, while I have absolutely no idea what a nautical life of “dredging” would legitimately entail, I never felt out of my depth (pun intended) as full chapters of diving jargon were thrown around me like cannon fire. My one hope for the second book is that the hints at the supernatural which graced the subplot of this first installment are explored further in its sequel. There is so much potential there that would be a shame to waste! Fingers crossed!
Content warnings: child abandonment, death of a parent, abuse, general violence, kidnapping, murder

Image Description: A flat-lay featuring the book, Fable by Adrienne Young. The cover of this book shows the right half of a young girl’s face with her red, curly hair streaming out behind her. In her blue eyes, is the reflection of a large pirate ship. The book is laying on a backdrop of aged wood with blue netting to the top left. There is a white starfish caught in the net, and a corked bottle filled with sand and seashells laying atop it. Scattered to the right and below the book are black stones and translucent orange and yellow looking gems.

I can’t be the only one with a super soft spot for pirate novels? What is your guilty pleasure genre? Please share with me in the comments!



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