Book Review: Only Ashes Remain (Market of Monsters, #2) by Rebecca Schaeffer

Only Ashes Remain

by Rebecca Schaeffer

🔥🔥🔥 (three stars, as rated in fire because, BURN IT TO THE GROUND!)

Oh my. This book is just deliciously dark, isn’t it? My two favorite anti-heroes are BACK in the second installment of the Market of Monsters series and in book two we are sticking our little toesies into the world of full blown governmental conspiracy theories!!! AH! Let me tell you, folks, I was NOT emotionally prepared for this giant turn in the story but boy, OH BOY, do I dig it! I actually think the concept gives the whole thing a level of believability that it was lacking before. There was a whole new depth and sophistication to the plot that I genuinely wasn’t anticipating from a young adult horror/fantasy popcorn read. So, bravo!
Rebecca Schaeffer got even bigger and, naturally, even bloodier with book two. I know I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating that (just in case anyone reading this is the kind of sociopath who starts a series in the middle) these books are super gross. Strap in for casual bodily dismemberment and abhorrent acts of violence pretty much on the reg. This book involves even more torture than its predecessor (though, like, is anyone really surprised? One of the characters literally EATS people’s pain…). I am not usually so partial to gore, but for whatever reason, I am loving every bit of these books. And, as with the first novel, I wholeheartedly appreciate the moral dilemma faced by the characters about what they are and do. If I want for anything with this series, it is to keep raising the stakes on that conversation. And, given the way the story is going, I have a sneaking suspicion that I will not be disappointed on that account! Waiting for book three on pins and needles!!!

Content Warnings: explicit and sometimes gratuitous violence, bodily dismemberment, cannibalism, abuse, torture, kidnapping, discussion of human trafficking, sociopathic behavior, corruption of police officials, death of a parent, psychological manipulation, organized crime

Image Description: A flat lay featuring Only Ashes Remain, book two in the Market of Monsters series by Rebecca Schaeffer. The book is red with burnt looking black edges and a pile of ash in the center. In the ash is the outline of a knife. The book is seen in the photo on a weathered wood surface. There is a hand on the right side of the frame seen to be holding a match that burns precariously above a number of discarded, extinguished matches.

I really never considered myself a fan of fantasy. But 2020 is just changing everything, is it not? Have you jumped into any new genres lately? What has been surprising you most about your pandemic reading habits?

Best to you all always!


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