Reading Planner 2021

A very quick update on the status of my bullet-journal-style tracker for all things books in the coming year

This is my very first attempt at bullet journaling and, since it’s late and I am exhausted, I’m really just going to let the images speak for themselves! Please note that every bit of inspiration for this planner was pulled from a board I created on Pinterest. In fact, the only ownership over any of it that I can truly claim are the parts that I messed up on! GAH! Though I must admit that I’m growing to like the flubb on that one “G” in Reading…

For this planner I used a customizeable Productivity Planner by May Designs. I really like having the built in bullet list on the right side of every page. Of course, the page of unmarked books on shelves is a standard. I knew I wanted to start with that. And I’m happy with how my Reading Goals turned out. I still am working out what I want for some of the other intro pages, however. Also, there are calendar pages and the flat-lay planning but that all feels rather self explanatory. : )

Side note: I have since realized that there are actually marvelous reading planners that you can buy from creators like Little Inklings Design! Who know!? I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t think to look on, say, Etsy, before sinking a few dozen hours into this thing BUT might just have to do so for 2022? Because, if I’m real, this thing has been a hell of a lot of work and I don’t know if I’m up for doing it every single year.

What do you think? Do you track your books? What sorts of pages would you be sure to include? Also, if you haven’t already, add me on Goodreads! Let’s be friends! : )

Much love,


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My name is Sarah and I can't imagine my life without books. Actually, I can and it's terrible. I'm also into climbing, video games and bothering the nearest cat.

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