Book Review: The Project by Courtney Summers

The Project

By Courtney Summers

⚓⚓⚓ (Three stars, as rated in anchors because, well… read the book and find out!!)

I was given an Advanced Reader Copy of this book via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Well this was certainly a ride! This is exactly the kind of book I want with me on an airplane; it moved confidently along, kept me invested and was, overall, just so deliciously binge-able! I was really hankering for a fun thriller and I feel that I found one in The Project.

My only real complaint is that so much is left up to the imagination of the reader near the end. Having just spent a whole day of impassioned investment in these characters (because, I’ll have you know that once I started this book I genuinely could NOT put it down) I was looking forward to a grander conclusion. For everyone! The most high stakes event of this story takes place off the pages of the book which felt a bit unfair? I think I just needed more. That being said, if this was made into a series where the protagonist is now roaming the world, looking into nefarious activities as an investigative journalist, I would read every installment. Would absolutely recommend this title to someone looking for a “beach read” sort of experience. This book brought the drama I craved without getting too bogged down in real life. And in a year like 2020, that’s 99% of what I’m looking for!

PS I’m absolutely in love with this cover. The longer I stare at it the more I like it. Going on my list of favorites WITHOUT QUESTION!

Content warnings for this book: abuse, amnesia, car accident, cult, death, murder, drowning, hospitalization, death of a parent, mind control, complications during pregnancy, torture, trauma, stalking

Image Description: a flat lay featuring the book, The Project by Courtney Summers, as seen on the screen of a white iPad. The iPad is in the center of the frame on a gray knitted blanket and surrounded by a string of white lights. To the right of the tablet is an unlit candle in a glass holder. At the top right corner of the frame is one visible corner of a yellow and white pillow.

The Project is expected to be available in all markets on February 2, 2021.

PS. The featured image of this post is by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production, was sourced from Unsplash, and was ultimately edited to serve the purpose of this post. Thanks so much Emma Matthews for making your images so generously available to less capable folx like me. : )

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