Book Review: A Complicated Love Story Set in Space by Shaun David Hutchinson

A Complicated Love Story Set in Space

by Shaun David Hutchinson

🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫 (five stars as rated in Nutreesh, Earth’s favorite nutritional meal substitution bar and a proud subsidiary of Gleeson Foods)

How did a group of teenagers wind up alone on a spaceship a million miles from earth AND how in the heck are they ever going to get home? Also, what’s with the annoying hologram that won’t leave them alone and why does she resemble B-list child actor Jenny Perez? Somebody knows what’s going on here. After all, somebody did this to them! And that somebody is going to get punched RIGHT in the face just as soon as Noa, Jenny and DJ can figure out who exactly that face-punch deserving somebody is…

Listen, it’s hard for me to find sci-fi that doesn’t make me want to hurl. This is probably my fault for reading unobjectively bad sci-fi. BUT ANYWAY, holy smokes, y’all! This book was a ride! It really is like reading a season of bad outstanding teen TV. The story is told in these little episodes within the umbrella of, “HOW THE HECK DID THESE CHARACTERS GET HERE?!?” This really was so much fun for me. Also, queer rep in all three main characters has me doing those little happy claps every few pages. No joke. It’s phenomenal. Read this book next time you’re in a rut. You won’t regret it.

I know we’ve never properly met, so you’ve got no reason to believe me, but I think you’re wrong about love. Love isn’t war. Life is the war; love is a truce you find in the middle of all that violence. And I bet there’s someone out there who loves you, even if you don’t know them yet.”

– Shaun David Hutchinson, A Complicated Love Story Set in Space

Rep in this book: gay protagonist, queer characters

Content warnings for this book: rape, sexual assault, gun violence, kidnapping, memory manipulation, gas-lighting, brainwashing, death of a partner, violence

Image Description: A flat-lay featuring the book A Complicated Love Story Set in Space held open by Sarah’s left hand to the title page. To the top left of the book, a cup of tea rests on a saucer with a grey-rimmed lip; they are all sitting on a wooden cutting board. A bouquet of dried lavender and a candle on a wooden coaster peek into the frame beside it. There are specks of dried lavender all around.

About the Author: Shaun David Hutchinson

Shaun was born in West Palm Beach, Florida on the first of May 1978. He was a bad student who enjoyed sleeping through class, debate, theater, and being a pain in the ass. In college, he studied medieval and renaissance literature before abandoning his degree to work in I.T. doing database design. Shaun is now a full-time author living in Seattle. (copied from the author’s personal website.)

Personal Note: girl on February-ness

Here we are, almost at the end of February and I have only reviewed one book on here this month! Sometimes, reviewing starts to feel like a bit of a job. Does anyone else feel that way? I don’t mean to complain because I love reviewing books. But I amass a lot of guilt when I don’t post things in a super timely way. Ah well. I hope this book gets a lot of love because it deserves it.

Happy Monday!


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