Book Review: Foul is Fair by Hannah Capin

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Elle and her friends are more than just besties; they’re The Coven. And no one fucks with The Coven. On the night of Elle’s sixteenth birthday, The Coven is closer than ever. Dressed to kill and with their sights set on crashing a party thrown by the St. Andrews Prep Lacrosse Team, The Coven feels absolutely untouchable. That is until the St. Andrews boys corners Elle the way they’ve cornered countless girls before her. In the aftermath of her assault, The Coven vows revenge. Reeling from her trauma, Elle transforms herself; she is now Jade and Jade has one mission; take those St. Andrew’s perverts down once and for all. And she’ll use one of their very own to do it.

“We’ll be the witches they don’t believe in until it’s too late.”

Jade Khanjara, Foul Is Fair

⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️ Five stars as rated in the coffins that are literally piling on top of one another by the end of this book.

This book reads like Shakespeare was trying to get featured on an Olivia Rodrigo album and I mean that in the absolute best possible way. 💀 Y’all, this is the sociopathic Macbeth retelling I didn’t know I needed. <b>If you like slasher flicks, read R.L Stine as a kid or enjoy when sexual predators get absolutely wrecked by their own karma (👍🏻) then this book is a spooky season must!</b>

“Killing someone hurts worse if somebody you love is holding the knife.”

Foul Is Fair

book at a glance

😱 YA Horror
🩸 Gore
✂️ Retelling
🎓 High School

✨ Read this book because: the MC is relatable in that depraved AF way that we all felt on some level in our teen years, the ending is satisfying as hell and rife with poetic Shakespearean-style justice.

✨ Content warnings: sexual assault, sexual violence, alcohol, death, violence, gore, murder, drowning, car accident, medical stuff, drug use, sex, trauma, PTSD, transphobia

Recommended for fans of:

One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus
Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard
The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas

Image Description: A flat lay featuring the e-book version of Foul Is Fair as seen on the screen of an android tablet. A black velvet gloved hand with a jade ring reaches into the frame at the bottom left and hovers over a lot of blood. There is also a masquerade style mask, a jade roller, and some makeup scattered about. Purple lacey fabric comes into the pic at the bottom and right side.
about the author

Hannah Capin

Hannah Capin wrote her first “novel” when she was 11. It starred a girl detective and a brilliant villain seeking revenge on her enemies in the FBI. Thousands of pages later, she’s still writing about smart girls and vengeance. THE DEAD QUEENS CLUB and FOUL IS FAIR are out now, and her third novel is forthcoming from Wednesday Books in 2021 (title and release date to be announced soon!). When she isn’t working on her next manuscript, you can find her sailing, singing, or scheming with her friends. she holds degrees from Columbia University and the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. (Borrowed from the author’s personal website)

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Happy spooky season, everyone!


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