Book Review: Our Last Echoes by Kate Alice Marshall

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This was my book rec for Geminis for the month of August . To view the rest of my New Release Book Recs for August (based on your sun sign) scroll to the bottom!


It’s been years since Sophia’s mother vanished into the Alaskan mist and no one seems to know exactly what happened. All Sophia has are fragmented memories and a story that doesn’t make sense. Posing as an eager, bird-loving intern, Sophia makes her way back to the remote refuge of Bitter Rock – a bird preserve shrouded in constant cover of a nearly anthropomorphic mist. But with the answers she’s sought for decades almost in reach, Sophia realizes that this truth comes at a price that isn’t hers to pay.

“What’s down there?” she asked. “A crack in the world,” I answered automatically.”

– Sophia Novak , Our Last Echoes

📹📹📹 (Three stars as rated in all the clues on Abby’s camera)

I was excited to finally be getting to this one as it was the Cancer pick on my new release book rec list for the month March. Not that it matters that much, but I stand by my designation that this is a total book for Cancers. It’s actually a bit ridiculous how much of a water sign book this is. 🌊🐟

What I enjoyed most about this book is that I went into it with a certain idea of what was happening, and while that misconception crumbled beneath me the plotline that took it’s place ended up being 5x better. Kate Alice Marshall brings a nice dose of originality to the “something lurking in the mist” trope and I rather enjoyed that.

“This place gets inside of you… It gets inside of you and you’ll never scrape it all out.”

– Our Last Echoes
Our Last Echoes Audiobook Cover
Audiobook review for Our Last Echoes

Dueling narrators give this audiobook a fully rounded feel without removing the readers from the story whenever they are pulled from one timeline to the other.

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book at a glance

🔀 Dual Timelines
💀 Dark Content
🛸 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
📹 Found Footage

✨ Reasons to read (or listen to) this book: diverse cast of side characters that are not stereotypical or problematic (an apparent feat for white authors, let’s be real), Native American voice actor

✨ Content warnings for this book: murder, violence, death, blood, spooky and unsettling themes,

All thirty-one residents vanished without a trace. No further communication was received. No bodies were ever recovered.

They were not the first.

They would not be the last.

– Our Last Echoes
The Mist by Stephen King

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Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

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3:59 by Gretchen McNeil

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Image Description: A flat lay featuring the audio book version of Our Last Echoes by Kate Alice Marshall as seen on the screen of an android phone. Surrounding the phone are pebbles, and black feathers. A DSLR camera peeks into the frame at the top left where it rests on a white sheet. The whole spread sits on a table of worn, and graying wood.
about the author

Kate Alice Marshall

(The following was copied from the author’s personal website) Kate Marshall is the author of the Young Adult novels I Am Still Alive and Rules For Vanishing, along with the upcoming Eden Eld middle grade series. Her science fiction and fantasy fiction has appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Crossed Genres, and elsewhere. 

She lives outside of Seattle with her husband, a dog named Vonnegut, and her two kids. They all conspire to keep her on her toes.

about the narrator

Kathleen McInerney

Kathleen McInerney, better known by her stage name Veronica Taylor, is an American voice actress known for her dubbing work in English-language adaptations of Japanese anime, in particular for voicing Ash Ketchum and his mother Delia in the Pokémon anime for its first eight seasons. (Wikipedia)

Other books narrated by Kathleen McInerney: Night Road, The Rumor, The Santa Suit, The Girl He Used To Know, Love The One You’re With, The Newcomer

Robbie Daymond

Robbie Daymond is a Native-American Voice Artist, Actor, and Performer based in Los Angeles. He works in Anime, western animation, commercials, film, television, audiobooks and videogames for companies such as: Nickelodeon, Disney, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids, NBC, 20th Century Fox, Marvel, Bang Zoom!, Lucas Films, Activision, Square Enix, Volition Games, Studiopolis, VIZ, Aniplex, SyFy, Random House and many more. (copied from the narrator’s personal website)

Other books narrated by Robbie Daymond: One of Us Is Lying, They Both Die at the End, Holding Up The Universe, The Lucky Ones, The Book of Essie

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