New Releases to Read in December (Based on Your Sign)


How Not To Fall in Love by Jacqueline Firkins

Jaded from failed relationships and lost love, Harper agrees to teach her love-sick bff Theo how not to fall in love as freely. But as their lessons progress Harper finds herself dangerously close to breaking all of her own rules.

Why Aries? While Aries are known for falling deeply and recklessly in love they can fall out of love just as quickly.

πŸ’• YA Romance
🎨 Contemporary Fiction
πŸ“˜ Standalone
πŸ’Œ Friends to Lovers
Pub date: December 21, 2021


Beasts of a Little Land by Juhea Kim

Pub Date: December 7, 2021

An story of love, war, and redemption set against the backdrop of the Korean independence movement, where the fates of a young girl sold to a courtesan school and the penniless son of a hunter converge.

Why Taurus? Taureans usually get what they want and have a more difficult time accepting unrequited love.

βœ’οΈ Debut Author
🌏 East Asian Rep
πŸ’” Grief & Love
πŸ“œ Historical Romance


Bed Stuy by Jerry McGill

Rashad, a Black man from Brooklyn, knows that love is found in unexpected places. But he wasn’t prepared to find it with Rachel, the married daughter of a Holocaust survivor who is twenty years his senior.

Why Gemini? Geminis have a lot of love, and they’re happily give it all to just one person when they find them.

πŸ”₯ Forbidden Love
🎀 Own Voices
😭 Emotional
🎨 Contemporary Fiction
Pub Date: December 1, 2021


Pub date: December 2, 2021

In this recently translated short story collection a thief breaks into the house of a psychic with disastrous results, a bride has her personality subsumed by the previous occupant of her home, and two men switch destinies for a change of pace.

Why Cancer? They usually dedicate themselves to novels but the short story still soothes the Cancer’s many moods.

πŸ’€ Dark Content
πŸ“” Short Story Collection
🌎 Latinx Diaspora
πŸ’­ Speculative Fiction


The Spanish Daughter by Lorena Hughes

After her father’s death, Puri learns that she has inherited his cacao estate in Ecuador. But when she arrives at her new home, it becomes clear that someone is dangerously displeased by her inheritance…

Why Leo? Leos try to manage conflict peacefully at first but aren’t afraid to pull out the teeth and claws if needed.

πŸ”Ž Mystery/Thriller
πŸ“˜ Standalone

🌎 Latinx Diaspora
πŸ“œ Historical Fiction
Pub Date: December 28, 2021


If This Gets Out by Sophie Gonzales & Cale Dietrich

Pub date: December 7, 2021

Teen heartthrobs Zach and Ruben are half of the boy-band Saturday. On tour the pair grow closer, their friendship evolving into something much more. But it’s anyone’s guess what could happen if it was to get out…

Why Virgo? Virgos will do whatever they can to retain your trust and keep your secret, even when it hurts them.

πŸ“– YA Fiction
πŸ’ž Young Love
πŸ’– Queer Romance
🎼 Musical Themes


The Hawthorne School by Sylvie Perry

For Claudia, The Hawthorne School is everything she could have dreamed for her high energy son, Henry. But when Henry starts telling some unsettling stories, Claudia fears it all might have all been little too good to be true.

Why Libra? With a scale as their emblem, Libras are the most diplomatic and justice-minded sign in the zodiac.

πŸ—οΈ Gothic Mystery
🌳 Family Focused
🏫 Dark Academia
🀯 Psychological Thriller
Pub date: December 7, 2021


Homecoming King by Penny Reid

Pub date: December 14, 2021

Rex’s long history of failed relationships wouldn’t bother him so much if his ex’s didn’t keep getting engaged right away… to his teammates. He’s about ready to call it quits when Abby walks into his life, bring with her the crush she’s had on him since preschool.

Why Scorpio? Scorpios have a real reputation about dating, but deep down they’re just looking for real love.

πŸ“š First in Series
πŸ‘οΈ Multiple POV
πŸŽ„ Holiday Romance
🍿 Popcorn Read

Tell Me How To Be by Neel Patel

Following the death of her husband, Renu and her son Akash are reunited in the task of packing up the house. But as they revisit their possessions, pieces of their past come bubbling up. Is who they are now all they’ll ever be?

Why Sagittarius? Sags are great at remembering the big picture but often get the smaller details wrong.

πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ Queer Rep
🎨 Contemporary Fiction
βœ’οΈ Debut Author
🌳 Family Focused
Pub date: December 7, 2021

Innate Magic by Shannon Fay

Pub date: December 1, 2021

In reimagined post-war London, Paul is trying to make a name for himself as a cloth mage. But when he confesses a secret to the wrong person it threatens to reignite a war they all only barely survived.

Why Capricorn? Capricorns aren’t the sort to start a war, but they’ll certainly end it if pushed far enough.

πŸ“š First in Series
πŸ’– Queer Romance
πŸ›Έ Sci-Fi/Fantasy
πŸ“œ Historical Fiction

The Coldest Touch by Isabel Sterling

Elise Beaumont is cursed with the ability to see how everyone is going to die just by touching them. Determined to get rid of her curse she thinks Claire Montgomery might just be the right person to help, considering she’s already dead and all…

Why Aquarius? Aquarians deal with death and grief in their own way and very much on their own time.

πŸ›Έ Sci-Fi/Fantasy
πŸ’– Queer Romance
πŸ“– YA Fiction
πŸ§› Myths & Monsters
Pub date: December 7, 2021

A History of Wild Places by Shea Ernshaw

Pub date: December 7, 2021

Travis has a rather paranormal knack for locating missing persons. But when his search for a missing author leads him to the strange town of Pastoral he goes missing himself, all but forgotten until years later, when someone finds his abandoned truck just outside of town.

Why Pisces? Pisces are the psychics of the zodiac wheel who tend to notice the things that the rest of us don’t.

πŸ”Ž Mystery/Thriller
πŸ’€ Dark Content
πŸ›Έ Sci-Fi/Fantasy
🎨 Contemporary Fiction

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Happy November, everyone! Thanks for reading


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