Girl on Audio

Girl on Audio

Have you ever wanted your friend to read you a book?

You’re in luck! I love reading books. I’ve even recorded a couple of them for you to enjoy…

Eiagan’s Winter

The land of Goranin has survived the rule of the dreaded Allurigard bloodline for centuries. Suffering perpetual winter at the hands of a tyrannical, bloodthirsty queen, the people seek out a savior to restore their land to its former glory. They find one in Moriarian of Varrow. Moriarian makes grand promises, and the people of Goranin invite him in as their new leader.

Deceptively Beautiful

Hayden’s nightmares are a bit too real for comfort, but are they nightmares or are they memories? While walking down Main Street in her hometown, Hayden sees the woman who haunts her dreams. She’s convinced the woman cursed her and her siblings, and she’s not willing to let her get away with it.

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for Sarah’s next narration project.

Books take us places.