Book Review: Bright Ruined Things by Samantha Cohoe

Controversial Opinion: Shakespeare’s The Tempest is just not that great of a story. And admittedly I went into this book with pretty low expectations simply because the original version just doesn’t have that much to work with. Boy oh BOY was this thing a surprise. Cohoe took one of Shakespeare’s more lackluster comedies and turned it on it’s head. Can we do this for all of Shakespeare’s works now, please?

February Reading Wrap-Up

I’ve been sitting on this wrap up for over a week because I could not get EXACTLY ONE flat lay just the way I wanted it. I have those “done is better than perfect” blurbs posted all over my house but, real talk; I am never going to post a half-assed flat lay. Especially where a lesser known work is concerned. Anyway, here’s what books I loved this month as well what failed to hit the mark.

Book Review: Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

When it comes down to it this book was a mixed bag for me. I enjoyed getting to know the main characters but my problem was that so much time is spent continually introducing other characters that I lost track (and interest) in what even the protagonists were up to after a while. At the end of the day I’m impressed when anybody can write a book, and one that I actually want to actually finish, at that. So huzzah to TJR for all she’s accomplished thus far in her career and even if I had DNF’d this book, you better believe I’ll buy everything she ever writes because her words are just a joy to consume. Even when I don’t really know what’s going on.

Book Review: Love in Colour Mythical Tales From Around the World, Retold by Bolu Babalola

Love in Colour: Mythitcal Tales From Around the World, Retold by Bolu Babalola 💐💐💐💐 (four stars, as rated in colorful bouquets of flowers!) I was given an Advanced Reader Copy of this book via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Oooh what an unexpected delight this book was! I have suchContinue reading “Book Review: Love in Colour Mythical Tales From Around the World, Retold by Bolu Babalola”