Book Review: Anna K: A Love Story (Anna K #1) by Jenny Lee

Anna K has it all. And with the perfect reputation, the perfect boyfriend and the perfect life at an elite school in Greenwich, Anna is envied by many. When her brother, Steven, enlists Anna’s help to smooth over a rift with his girlfriend, Lolly, Anna drops everything and rushes to aid him in Manhattan. It is then that Anna meets Alexia “Count” Vronsky (a dashing and irresistible playboy who seems to have his eye on her). Anna knows the wisest move would be to return to Greenwich, leaving her entanglement with Alexia in the past. Especially when choosing to pursue this dalliance further could devastate more than just her sterling reputation…

February Reading Wrap-Up

I’ve been sitting on this wrap up for over a week because I could not get EXACTLY ONE flat lay just the way I wanted it. I have those “done is better than perfect” blurbs posted all over my house but, real talk; I am never going to post a half-assed flat lay. Especially where a lesser known work is concerned. Anyway, here’s what books I loved this month as well what failed to hit the mark.

Book Review: Love is a Revolution by Renée Watson

Nala has big plans for kicking back and enjoying her summer break. What those plans dont include is a lot of grueling volunteer work. That is until her cousin and BFF, Imani, invites her to an event hosted by Inspire Harlem; a local community service organization for teens. There, Nala meets Imani’s friends including a very cute activist-in-training named Tye. Suddenly all of Nala’s summer plans unravel and, in the hopes of winning over Tye, Nala decides to don a more service minded version of herself. After a summer of pretending, will there be anything left of the real Nala? And would Tye still be interested in her if he knew the truth?