Book Review: Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean

This book is described as a mystery and even as a thriller. I would, however, classify We Run The Tides as contemporary fiction the likes of Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and Trust Exercise by Susan Choi. It is a story of teenagers that is written as much for adults to enjoy and relate to as for their younger counterparts. And, admittedly, that is my absolute favorite genre of fiction.

Book Review: Anna K: Away by Jenny Lee

If while reading Anna K you thought to yourself, “what that book needs is some more K-pop,” then have I got the sequel of your DREAMS! This book is the chunky monkey ice cream of teen dramas. It is just so much stinking fun to DEVOUR in a single sitting. Which, is what I love to do anyway!

Book Review: A Phở Love Story by Loan Le

In A Phở Love Story Loan Le has managed to illustrate the immigrant experience – as well as that of second generation Asian American teenagers – sincerely and respectfully while still keeping the overall tone of the book lighthearted and profoundly hopeful. If that doesn’t deserve five stars then I honestly don’t know what does.

Book Review: Folklorn by Angela Mi Young Hur

Stationed at a research center on Antarctica, Elsa Park is confident that she’s finally put as much distance as she can between her and the generational trauma of her Korean-American family. When a “ghost” from her past reappears unexpectedly, Elsa must come to terms with her history – both myth and fact – whether she’s ready to or not.

Book Review: You’ve Reached Sam by Dustin Thao

Whoa… This book is a treasure from SO many different angles. Loss is a messy process. Watching Julie sabotage herself with a deep and desperate sadness that bordered on frustrating for me as a reader, was honestly a brilliant move by Thao. You’ve Reached Sam will speak to anyone that has had to say goodbye to a loved one or, honestly, anyone that has watched someone else have to do the same.

Book Review: Anna K: A Love Story (Anna K #1) by Jenny Lee

Anna K has it all. And with the perfect reputation, the perfect boyfriend and the perfect life at an elite school in Greenwich, Anna is envied by many. When her brother, Steven, enlists Anna’s help to smooth over a rift with his girlfriend, Lolly, Anna drops everything and rushes to aid him in Manhattan. It is then that Anna meets Alexia “Count” Vronsky (a dashing and irresistible playboy who seems to have his eye on her). Anna knows the wisest move would be to return to Greenwich, leaving her entanglement with Alexia in the past. Especially when choosing to pursue this dalliance further could devastate more than just her sterling reputation…