Book Review: Hurricane Summer by Asha Bromfield

Hurricane Summer was such an experience. I am overwhelmed by how much nuance and imagery this single story holds. This book is proof that we can sometimes learn just as much from fiction as nonfiction. The mentions of colorism and colonialism in particular were so poignantly and elegantly done that I could have spent a whole novel on the ins and outs of that alone. That plot though… I could feel it developing from page one – like a storm building on the horizon.

Book Review: Love is a Revolution by Renée Watson

Nala has big plans for kicking back and enjoying her summer break. What those plans dont include is a lot of grueling volunteer work. That is until her cousin and BFF, Imani, invites her to an event hosted by Inspire Harlem; a local community service organization for teens. There, Nala meets Imani’s friends including a very cute activist-in-training named Tye. Suddenly all of Nala’s summer plans unravel and, in the hopes of winning over Tye, Nala decides to don a more service minded version of herself. After a summer of pretending, will there be anything left of the real Nala? And would Tye still be interested in her if he knew the truth?

Book Review: Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

Bree Matthews enrolls in a program for gifted teens at UNC after a tragic accident kills her mother and shatters her family. Hoping for a clean start and to put her pain behind her, Bree jumps at the chance to attend a party in the woods on her first night at school. Everything seems normal until, late that night, she witnesses a supernatural event involving a secret society named the “Legendborn.” When Bree realizes the Legendborns’ connection to her own family history she begins to wonder if what happened to her mother was an accident after all…

Book Review: A River of Royal Blood by Amanda Joy

Though the magick of blood and bone has only ever been mastered by few, if Eva is to stand a chance against the powerful sorcery of her sister, she must find someone to teach her to wield this dangerous power and quickly. But she knows as well as anyone that in the court of the Ivory Throne, no one is ever quite what they seem; least of all those knights in shining armor whose timely arrivals may be a little too convenient.